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Propane Forklifts
One inconvenience of propane tanks is to have to change, however there is little risk to running out of fuel on a propane lift truck. These units tend to be cheaper to use than the electric and diesel unit forklift. The debate to whether or not the propane emissions are cleaner than diesel emissions continues in the business.

Performance wise, propane lift trucks seem to handle better compared to most electric models available on the market when the task requires high applications and constant duty drive line torque. There are several electric models which are reputed to handle equally or better. Depending on the specific circumstances, propane lifts might or might not be suitable for handling eligible goods and food. So long as WorkSafeBC criteria are met, propane forklifts are acceptable for most indoor use.

The Disadvantages of LPG Propane Forklifts
The LPG's key drawbacks when compare to the diesel forklift includes the fact that they are not as effective when performing jobs that require high and or constant duty drive line torque. These units have a liability exposure, because of the possibility of a fuel system leak whilst the truck is situated indoors. Furthermore, operators should be trained on the safe handling of propane fuel. The rearward visibility off of the back end of the counterweight is limited. This is because of the propane tank's location.

In comparison to electric and diesel units, fuel cost is higher with propane models. There are possible injury claims because of the frequency and weight that propane tanks are changed; approximately every 6 hours of usage unless the site has a bulk fill station located there. Propane forklifts can be more difficult to start and run smoothly when they are used in freezing temperatures. In remote places, propane fuel is not always readily available. In the next few decades, the fossil fuel cost is estimated to rise significantly. Take into account and plan for overall expense or repair and maintenance, as well as the entire cost of ownership to be the highest of the 3 options.

Depending upon what your particular applications are, there is definitely a possibility that the LPG forklift models would be ideal for you. It is best to take into consideration your particular loads and lifting needs as well as the types of environments you would be operating in an effort to be certain that you buy the right unit which will suit your needs.

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