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Lift Chains

The life of lift chains on forklifts could be extended completely with correct maintenance and care. Like for example, correct lubrication is actually the most efficient way in order to extend the service capability of this particular component. It is essential to apply oil periodically utilizing a brush or other lube application tool. The volume and frequency of oil application needs to be enough in order to avoid any rust discoloration of oil in the joints. This reddish brown discoloration normally signals that the lift chains have not been correctly lubricated. If this condition has occurred, it is very imperative to lubricate the lift chains at once.

It is typical for some metal to metal contact to happen all through lift chain operation. This could result in components to wear out in time. The industry standard considers a lift chain to be worn out when three percent elongation has happened. So as to stop the scary chance of a catastrophic lift chain failure from happening, the manufacturer highly suggests that the lift chain be replaced before it reaches 3% elongation. The lift chain gets longer because of progressive joint wear that elongates the chain pitch. This elongation is capable of being measured by placing a certain number of pitches under tension.

To be able to ensure proper lift chain maintenance, one more factor to think about is to check the clevis pins on the lift chain for indications of wearing. Lift chains are put together so that the clevis pins have their tapered faces lined up with each other. Generally, rotation of the clevis pins is frequently caused by shock loading. Shock loading takes place when the chain is loose and then all of a sudden a load is applied. This causes the chain to go through a shock as it 'snaps' under the load tension. With no good lubrication, in this particular case, the pins can rotate in the chain's link. If this scenario occurs, the lift chains need to be replaced immediately. It is imperative to always replace the lift chains in pairs to be able to ensure even wear.

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