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Truss Jibs

Truss jib's could actually be used to be able to lift, move and place trusses. The additional part is designed to perform as an extended jib additional part together with a triangular or pyramid shaped frame. Usually, truss jibs are mounted on equipment like for example a compact telehandler, a skid steer loader or even a forklift utilizing a quick-coupler accessory.

Older models of cranes have deep triangular truss jibs which are assembled from standard open structural shapes that are fastened making use of rivets or bolts. On these style jibs, there are few if any welds. Every bolted or riveted joint is prone to rusting and therefore needs regular upkeep and check up.

Truss jibs are made with a back-to-back collection of lacing members separated by the width of the flange thickness of another structural member. This design causes narrow separation between the smooth exteriors of the lacings. There is limited access and little room to preserve and clean them against rust. Lots of rivets loosen and rust inside their bores and should be replaced.

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