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Carton Clamp Attachments

Among the most handy attachments used for the forklift is the Carton Clamp. It is actually utilized for handling various things not secured on a pallet such as furnishings, domestic devices, frozen cartons or canned goods. Large rubber-faced pads are utilized to squeeze the sides of the load really carefully. The load is then gently lifted and transported to either the trailer or the warehouse. Carton Clamps were specifically designed to be used in the appliance, warehousing, electronics and beverage industries. Companies who make use of these clamps save a lot of money for the reason that they don't need to acquire, store, ship or maintain pallets. Carton Clamps allow for pallet free handling, significantly saving warehouse space.

Side-shifting is among the standard features on all Carton Clamps. This would allow exact alignment to be attained during load position. Close stacking of the load is maintained because of the slim arm design as well as the pivoting pads made of aluminum. The close stacking gets rid of unnecessary spaces amid rows of stock plus further space is gained in view of the fact that all of the expensive pallets are also eliminated.

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