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Fuel Systems

The fuel systems task is to provide your engine with the gasoline or diesel it needs so as to function. If any of the fuel system parts breaks down, your engine will not function correctly. There are the major parts of the fuel system listed below:

Fuel Tank: The fuel tank holds the fuel. The fuel from the gas station pump, moves from the tank travels down the gas hose into your tank. Within the tank there is a sending unit. This is what tells the gas gauge the amount of gas is within the tank.

Fuel Pump: In the majority of newer cars, the fuel pump is normally situated within the fuel tank. A lot of older vehicles have the fuel pump attached to the engine or located on the frame rail amid the engine and the tank. If the pump is on the frame rail or within the tank, therefore it is electric and operates with electricity from your cars' battery, while fuel pumps that are connected to the engine utilize the motion of the engine to be able to pump the fuel.

Fuel Filter: For performance and overall engine life, clean fuel is very important. The fuel injector is made up of tiny holes that block easily. Filtering the fuel is the only way this can be avoided. Filters can be found either before or after the fuel pump and in various instances both places.

Fuel Injectors: Most domestic cars after 1986, along with earlier foreign cars came from the factory with fuel injection. In place of a carburetor to carry out the task of mixing the air and the fuel, a computer controls when the fuel injectors open to be able to allow fuel into the engine. This has caused lower emission overall and better fuel economy. The fuel injector is essentially a tiny electric valve which closes and opens with an electric signal. By injecting the fuel close to the cylinder head, the fuel stays atomized, or in small particles, and can burn better when ignited by the spark plug.

Carburetors: Carburetors have the job of taking the fuel and mixing it with the air without whichever involvement from a computer. Carburetors need repeated rebuilding and retuning although they are easy to work. This is among the main reasons the newer vehicles on the market have done away with carburetors in favor of fuel injection.

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